Call for Papers: “Ignored Authors, Marginalized Documents. Diachronic Simultaneities and Discontinuities in the History of Political Thought” (Panel 139 on the DVPW annual Congress, 14.-16. September 2021, online)

Most textbooks on the history of political thought in Germany focus on a particular group of authors: White men from Western Europe and the United States – women are rarely featured, authors from other contexts almost never (see Brocker 2006; Llanque 2012; Ottmann 2001). Only a few exceptions look beyond this horizon (see Babb 2018; Salzborn 2018), which leads to a problematic self-restraint in dealing with superordinate questions or common sources. Internationally, with the emergence of Comparative Political Thought (CPT), a corrective has formed in recent years, which is already broadly differentiated in its approaches and epistemological interests. The call searches for contributions about ignored authors and marginalized documents, which should be considered in the history of political thought, as well as comparisons.

The call is not only addressed to political scientists, but to all scholars of area studies who study political thought beyond the Western centre. Therefore it is not restricted to any area. The deadline for submitting abstracts is the 28th February.

More information can be found in the call and on the DVPW congress homepage.