Call for Application: Platform for Dialogue: “Learning from and during the pandemic: Bridging the educational divides in Latin America”“, Guadalajara, México, Augost 26 to 28, 2021

The aim of this platform for dialogue is to promote the exchange of analyses being carried out on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis on education systems worldwide, with special emphasis on the situation in Latin America and the Caribbean. This should lead to discuss creative proposals, emanating from initiatives that emerged during the health contingency, which try to defy the structural educational deficiencies, mitigate disparities, and improve the overall level of education in the region, while also, from within schools, strengthen democratic, social, solidary conviviality.

The call is aimed at applicants from the Social Sciences and Humanities who can contribute to the topics exposed both in empirical and theoretical and methodological terms. It is open until February 21, 2021.

More informations (in Spanish):